On The Road Again

Deborah and I are on the road again, cris-crossing the country, meeting horse lovers from coast to coast.  It’s a lot of hard work and sacrifice.  And it’s hard to be away from home.  Taking care of our horses on the road, stopping at a different place every night, the endless hours of driving, and eating meals at truck stops all take a toll. 

But the gifts we get make it worthwhile.  From snow in the Sierra Nevada to the mighty majestic Mississippi River, there is no better way to appreciate the beauty and blessings of the USA. The smell of rain in the Nevada desert and the smell of fresh cut grass in Georgia make us miss the Sonoma County Spring a little less.  Even though they’re in good hands, we think about Rocky and Oliver, the horses we left at home, every day.  And even though it was hard to leave them, that’s okay too because we get to meet people like Paula Jackson and her Quarter Horse Gelding.

We met Paula and Skips Raging Apache in Shelbyville, KY last weekend.  The gelding had put Paula in the hospital for 11 days and a wheelchair for 30 more with his bucking and spooking.  Helping people and horses like Paula and her gelding makes Deborah and I feel like the luckiest people in the world.  At the end of the weekend Paula was able to comfortably canter her horse around the arena. 

There is nothing that feeds our souls more than to share the gift of understanding and horsemanship with someone else.  We feel confident traveling down the road toward Florida this week because we know Paula has all the support she will need to keep her new relationship with her horse.  She’s a No Dust Club member and a Mentor Series owner.  She’ll be able to visit Deborah and I in our online classroom to ask questions if she needs to, and she’ll be able to go to our online training library. So even though Deborah and I are on our way to our next tour stop in Tampa, we haven’t really left Paula and all the other Kentucky clinic participants.  Club members are always connected. http://reisranch.com

We can’t wait to meet horse lovers all across these amazing United States.  We’ll see you all on the road and if you’re a No Dust Club member, you’ll be with us wherever we go!

2 thoughts on “On The Road Again

  1. Dennis and Deborah are leaving all they have out on the “Road” for us, the ones that want to know what Dennis has to pass on, but we aren’t quite up to speed. Thank you Dennis for your patience, to answer the same questions you have already answered, but maybe the last time you answer it, it will be the best answer, Capt. Doug


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