The United States is Our Living Room!

From the flight deck of Peterbilt #1 — 18 wheels a rollin’:

Sometimes I’m asked about traveling to seminars, the daunting miles, the heavy workload, and the cost involved. My answer is always the same. The United States is our living room.

Deborah and I were able to make it across this amazing country in less than 4 days — from Penngrove, California to Pendleton, South Carolina. We hauled our 53′ trailer and our three horses. We were completely self contained. Our new truck has every creature comfort. It has the latest navigation system and USB ports for music, movies, and the internet.

The unrestricted freedom we feel on the open road from coast to coast is unparalleled. There are no words to express how great our country is. And there are no words of thanks big enough to express our gratefulness for the people and horses we meet along the way. We are continually amazed at how blessed, fortunate, and lucky we are.

See you in Tulsa, OK!  God Bless America!
-Dennis & Deborah , Hondo, Amadeus,
Small& Medium  — ROAD WARRIORS

One thought on “The United States is Our Living Room!

  1. Always love catching up with you when you hit the Northeast. Your clinics are so educational and inspiring. Best of luck and safety on your trip to Tulsa. God Speed!


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